US 90 widening project moving forward

The wheels are in motion for the I-49 South corridor project.  And it will all start with widening a section of U.S. 90 from four lanes to six.

During peak times of the day, the highway can be a stop-and-go traffic nightmare. But with some major expansion plans in the works, in the next few years, that congestion should lighten up. It's a huge undertaking with a price tag between $75-$85 million.

“This project is going to involve widening from four to six lanes at that particular area as well as constructing several frontage roads and building a bunch of overpasses,” said Deidra Lockhart, the Public Information Officer with the Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development.

And the section slated for widening is a two-mile stretch from Ambassador Caffery Parkway to Albertson Parkway in Broussard. DOTD said it will set the wheels in motion for the 1-49 South construction from Lafayette to New Orleans.

“It's going to help facilitate economic growth along that corridor and it's going to improve access for drivers along there,” said Lockhart.

And it's definitely not going to be an overnight project. The construction is expected to take about three years, but with the hopes it will have a great impact on the area. As roughly 35,000 drivers travel along the roadway every day, Lockhart says it will help lighten the load.

“You're improving the safety of the motorists by reducing that congestion and reducing a lot of that stop and go you see in certain sections,” said Lockhart.

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