Scott’s road plans are coming together

The plans are flowing and the bids are coming in at the city of Scott Council meeting on Thursday. Mayor Purvis Morrison learns that the extension of Apollo Road could begin as soon as January.

Mayor Morrison wants to plan ahead. “What type of amenities would you like to see. What type of businesses would you like to see. We want to make sure it ends up being something we can be proud of and be there for longevity. So, it won't end up like Cameron Street.”

The mayor presents an idea to help convert the planned two-mile street of road into an economic attraction. He would like to hire a design workshop team out of UL Lafayette. For $24,000, the mayor says the team would design a corridor for the stretch of road. The Mayor at Thursday's council meeting announced the Lafayette Economic Development Authority has agreed to put up $12,000 to see the plan created.

“What it will show is the green space, where the parking is going to be how close the buildings are going to be what we want everyone to understand what they're getting into when they come and purchase property,” says Mayor Morrison

Scott councilman Mark Moreau supports the idea of working with the design team. He says he's familiar with their work. “They've done a few projects for some other businesses I'm involved with; and they do a tremendous job,” says Moreau.

Finally, the council Thursday agreed to accept a bid for a water and sewer project across the I-10 northwest corridor. The bid went to an Opelousas company for $1.1 million.

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