Lafayette council receives update on comprehensive plan process

The Lafayette Consolidated Council was updated on Tuesday about the comprehensive plan community forums. Forums on what will Lafayette look like and be like in 20 years.

“That's what I said all along. That's why I pushed so many of my constituents and I beg and plead. Lafayette is going to move forward with or without you. You need to start participating,” says councilman Kenneth Boudreaux.

Councilman Donald Bertrand couldn't agree more. Bertrand invited a Comprehensive Plan representative to address the council. “This is a great opportunity for the council to get up to speed on this as well as folks in the public.”

Kevin Blanchard chairs the Comprehensive Plan Citizens Advisory Committee. A committee of about 30 community volunteers. Blanchard says he's been working with a consultant to get the plan to this point. The point of presenting options and scenarios of what people said they want to see.

“We got to stop thinking of government as a cost and roads as a cost; how much does the road cost.  We got to start thinking it's a good investment. Are we going to take taxpayers money and invest it wisely.  When we do that I think we're going to see better results,” explains Blanchard.

Blanchard says there will be visual scenarios presented. The public can give their input as to what they believe will be the best plan for Lafayette parish. We are a growing community, but Blanchard says that's not enough. “You can have a place that's a nice place to visit with food music and culture, but what we need to have is a great place to work.  A great place to start a business and a great place to live.”

Blanchard noted that consolidated government spent $1.1 million to hire a consultant to create a plan. “It's going to be our plan we're going to end up with one that folks want.”

The community forums which will serve as open houses are scheduled for Tuesday and Wednesday of next week.  One is at the Rosa Parks Transportation Center.  The other will be at the Heymann Performing Arts Center.  You can go to for more information.

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