Abbeville’s crusade against violence

“Violence, murder and etc.,” explains pastor Michael Wright.

Those are the issues that community leaders in Abbeville say they are dealing with. The pastor Wright of Pleasant Green Baptist Church says the Crusade Crime March symbolizes ministers in Abbeville working together. 

Pastor Wright is hoping for the same kind of unity outside his church doors. “We have had it up to here with what's going on in our small community and we are just asking God to do what needs to be done; but he's going to work through us.”

The Mayor of Abbeville says that's who he wants to see get the message. Don't be mistaken he says local law enforcement from the Abbeville Police to City Marshal are actively involved. “We have seen too much violence and a lot in our younger community.  We certainly need to do something about it,” says Mayor Mark Piazza.

Abbeville resident Christopher Lonzo likes what he sees. Lonzo says Abbeville needs to come together both the young and the old. “Trying to keep everyone together and out the streets.  Show them something other than what they show them on the streets drugs and everything,” says Lonzo.

“Learn how to come together not only as kids, but see how the family worships God and pray to God that they will follow the parents as well,” adds resident Tracy Davenport.

    There are two event scheduled for this week; Thursday and Friday. Both will be held at 6:00pm at the Greater Pleasant Green Baptist Church in Abbeville.

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