Powerball Fever

It's the highest number the billboard has ever read. Friday, the $600 million jackpot set a new Powerball record. And purchasing those $2 tickets has been all the buzz.

Adrien's supermarket in Lafayette is one of the local spots that have seen skyrocketing ticket sales.  

“It's been a constant flow of people definitely keeping us hopping,” said Herb Palombo, Adrien's owner. “People have been coming up like, 'oh what's the jackpot today?' They check every day and they buy more and more and more. Even people that don't normally buy it, buy it this week.” 

While there's plenty of so-called strategies to winning, Lottery spokesperson Kimberly Chopin said besides buying more tickets to increase the odds, it really is a simple game of luck.  

“The individual ticket odds are still the same no matter what the jackpots are,” said Chopin. “And the odds of winning that jackpot prize are one in 175 million.” 

Since 1996 there's been 14 Powerball jackpot winners, the last one was back in 2010. Lottery officials are hoping to add one more Louisiana winner to the list. Although the jackpot is a far-fetched win, Chopin says other prizes are in the realm of possibility.

“If you match just those first five white ball numbers, that's a million dollar prize,” said Chopin. “And Louisiana has seen a lot of those million dollar Powerball tickets coming through our office.”  

And for Palombo, having one of their customers hit it big would be the best prize of all.  

“That would be awesome,” said Palombo. “That would be a really great thing if one of our customers would win.”

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