Blue Rolfes 60 Minute Miracle

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Wednesday we wrapped up our month-long series of 60 Minute Miracles. Each week, a KLFY crew goes out into the community to find someone, at random, to act as a good samaritan. That person, in turn, is asked to think of someone in their life who is in need of $500 in cash, courtesy of Giles Automotive.

And the catch? The money has to be delivered within one hour's time.

Videographer Conrad Hertzock and Blue Rolfes set out in search of a good samaritan, and that search took them to Walmart on the Evangeline Thruway.

Unfortunately, despite their best efforts, a number of people weren't interested in stopping to talk to them, until they spotted two familiar faces, Alton Trahan and Forrest Chaisson of the Lafayette Fire Department, who were there representing the Southwest Association of Professional Firefighters.

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