New Iberia church collects supplies for Okla. tornado victims

Temple Baptist Church of New Iberia has just started collecting donations for Oklahoma tornado victims. Church members plan to be at the church from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. Friday through Monday, May 27.

“Cases of bottled water, shampoo, any type of bathroom items; even diapers, hand wipes, anything.” Church member Gary Dugan is excited to take on the charge. Dugan plans to be here in the church's gymnasium manning the table of donations.

Dugan is prepared to travel to get what's needed; if need be. “Call us New Iberia, Jeanerette, Lafayette. You want us to come get it? We'll come get it,” says Dugan.

Youth pastor Travis Hendershot says once brother Gary started seeking help – the church was more than willing to pitch-in. Besides Louisiana has had to ask for help before and it was given. “We have friends and family close to home that have had to have the help before. So, now we're trying to lend a helping hand ourselves.”

Brother Dugan believes that when times get rough people have to be there for one another. “God wanted us to help out anyway that we can and this is our way of helping out,” adds Dugan.

For donation information call (337) 380-0439. The church is located at 804 Fontelieu Drive, New Iberia. All donations are welcomed; whether near or far.

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