Severe storm rips through Morgan City

Severe storms ripped through several parishes Wednesday afternoon. St. Mary Parish saw some of the worst they had to offer.

The worst damage was about a mile outside of Morgan City at the Lake End RV Park. A tow away RV was completely thrown on it's side and a fifth wheel RV which is 14,000 pounds when it's empty was also tossed on it's side leaving a woman trapped inside.

“Just started shaking and then there was really no warning,” says Kate Pike-Moze.

Moze says she becomes interested when the weather takes a dangerous turn. She began to shoot cell phone video from her RB while severe storms rolled through Wednesday.

“I see the weather patterns change here and it looked like some sort of funnel cloud. I don't know,” says Moze.

Before she knew it the RV was shoved by the wind. The only thing preventing it from hitting the ground was her Mercedes SUV.

“I was on the far side against the window, so I fell on top of the stuff and it didn't fall on me,” recounts Moze.

Not long after that Moze's neighbor, Bob Merchant arrived to check on his own rig.

“I ran down there and I started beating on the side to verify if she was there,” says Merchant.

Moze tried to get out on her own but the retractable stairs were folded into the door leaving her with no clear way out, and Merchant trying anything he could think of.

“I got a 2×4 and tried to pry the steps open, and I couldn't get enough leverage and it kept breaking the boards I had,” explains Merchant.

Finally Merchant was able to bust open the back window and pull Moze out, who fortunately only had a few scratches and bruises. Merchant remains humble after his heroic act saying he just happened to be in the right place at the right time.

“God puts us in different places with different things at different times, and we have to use those times when we're put here”

It is still unknown if it was a tornado that touched down at the RV park. With the Moze's RV destroyed management at Lake End are letting them stay in one of their lakeside cabins for the night free of charge.

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