La. bill brings prayer back to school

A Louisiana lawmaker is trying to secure a piece of legislation that would allow public school students to pray before and after school, even inviting religious leaders on campus to assist.

According to the Supreme Court, prayer at public schools is allowed but with guidelines. House Bill 724 would map out those guidelines and add a few more.

State Rep. Katrina Jackson, sponsor of the bill, says treating prayer groups as clubs or organizations, allows everyone to be treated equally and would be open to everyone.

“Other organizations or clubs are able to bring speakers in, this bill allows them too with approval of school. we allow teachers who are not clocked in to also participate if students invite them and if asked they can lead the prayer.” said Jackson.

This bill is not limited to any one religious group or prayer and doesn't infringe upon on any constitutional rights.

HB 764 is now making its way through the house. If HB 724 passes, every superintendent in the state will receive a notice from state Rep. Katrina Jackson's office stating the new law.

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