Elbert Guillory Joins Republican Party

State Senator Elbert Guillory has changed parties from a Democrat to a Republican. He has been State Senator since 2009 representing District 24 as a Democrat. He was a State representative from 2004-2009.

The Louisiana Legislative Black Caucus (LLBC) has responded to Senator Elbert Guillory's party change from Democrat to Republican by issuing the following statement.

“The LLBC was not formed on party affiliation.  We were formed and will continue to advocate for the quality of life for African Americans, the indigent and working people of the state, through legislation, education and economic development… Sen. Guillory remains a full-fledged member of our caucus.”  

– Representative Katrina Jackson (D-Monroe), caucus chairwoman

Sen. Guillory released his own statement a well:

“Over the last couple years there's just been increasing distance between me and the Democratic Party.  They've left Louisiana and American values.  Things that are part of my community, gun rights, family issues, there's a lot of issues where that party has just left us behind. Most major decisions in Louisiana are made by Republicans in room filled with Republicans, I feel it's best for my district that we have a presence in those rooms.”



Opelousas senator switches to Republican Party

BATON ROUGE, La. (AP) – Opelousas Sen. Elbert Guillory has jumped to the Republican Party, becoming Louisiana's only black state senator in the GOP.

Guillory announced Friday that he's leaving the Democratic Party. A spokeswoman for the Secretary of State's Office said Guillory filed paperwork on Wednesday registering as a Republican.

The move wasn't entirely surprising.

Guillory often votes conservatively on social issues, and he's been a regular ally of Republican Gov. Bobby Jindal. He was registered Republican previously, switching to the Democratic Party in December 2006.

The chairman of the Republican Party of Louisiana, Roger Villere, praised Guillory's party switch, while the Louisiana Democratic Party called it a “craven display of political opportunism.”

An attorney, Guillory is in his second term in the Louisiana Senate. He had previously served in the House of Representatives.


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