2-Faced Kitten Born in Oregon

AMITY, OR (KGW/CNN) – An Oregon family got quite a shock when one of their kittens was born with two faces.

Deucy was born Tuesday morning and the kitten's owner said despite its unusual appearance, the animal is healthy.

“This morning the kids actually found him and came in and said, 'Mom, there's a kitty with two heads.' We took her to the vet and the vet said that her heart beat is great and her nerves her nervous system reacts the way it's supposed to when she's touched,” owner Stephanie Durkee said. “He said she definitely has two heads and two craniums they're not exactly sure where they're connected, but she does, They're not sure which side controls which yet. They are connected. She will stay a two-faced kitten.

Cats with the rare congenital disorder are known as “Janus Cats.”

KGW reports Deucy has been rejected by its mother.

The family feeds her warm kitten formula with a syringe every two hours.

They said she is eating well and is stronger than the other two kittens that survived their birth.

Deucy also has a plush living arrangement. She has her own dresser drawer with heating pads and towels.

The owner hopes she has a long life.

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