Protect your pets from summer heat

As the heat index continues to rise outside, many of us are looking at ways to beat the heat, but don't forget about our four legged friends.

According to Virginia Lee with the Lafayette Animal Control Shelter, pets are more sensitive to the heat than humans because most pets, like dogs, have a higher body temperature. Lee suggest always having fresh, cool water nearby along with keeping pets in a cool, shaded spot that stays shaded all day.

For those who bring their pets on the road, you may want to think twice. Lee says dogs in cars do not mix because even five minutes in a car with the windows cracked open can put a dog in danger of severe heat exhaustion and possible death. If it's necessary Lee says animal control can seize your pet if left in your car along with giving you a citation for animal cruelty. Lee says the best thing to do for your pet is to keep it at home and out of the heat. For those wondering about other animals such as cats and livestock, Lee suggest always having fresh water and a shady spot nearby to help keep them comfortable but says they typically have an easier time adjusting to extreme weather conditions.

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