Women and Children’s Hospital is Celebrating 30 Years

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In 30 years, Women and Children's Hospital has delivered 75,000 babies.  And since the first born in June 1983, the hospital has come a long way, adding a host of pediatric specialties.

Hospital President and CEO Kathy Bobbs said future care is even brighter.

“We're adding a new pediatric infusion center and then we're going to be expanding to take care of the women's oncology patients, which we have not done in the past,” said Bobbs.

Thursday's annual Media Day luncheon showcased some of the leading programs within the hospital, including In Vitro-Fertilization, pediatric oncology and neo-natal intensive care. And for the hospital's successful outlook, that means keeping patients under their roof.

“We just want to continue to offer the services that the community needs and we want to keep patients local and get their care locally,” said Bobbs.

The hospital's growth of specialized programs is based on demand and an as-need basis. It's lifesaving for many families who do not have the means to travel to other cities like Houston or New Orleans for care.

18-month-old Colin Landry was born without a soft spot on his head and doctors had to cut open his skull in order to make room.  It was a dangerous condition that had to be fixed, so having local care was priceless.

“It would have been a real challenge for us,” said Dawn Landry, Colin's mother. “We wouldn't have been able to have family here. We wouldn't have had the support we needed.”

It took an entire team of specialists to execute the invasive surgery, which is now barely noticeable. Today Colin is normal, happy, and busy. Landry credits the team at Women and Children's for saving her son's life.

“After the surgery I was worried that maybe people would see and they'd be able to notice, but you can't. He's well. He's developing well, so I'm happy with the results,” said Landry.

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