Lafayette considers city-parish employee raise

Lafayette City Parish workers could be in-line for a pay raise this upcoming budget year, but don't start the big spending yet!  The idea is just that an idea. The council seems to be on board. Administration appears to be leading the way. 

“I think our employees deserve it.  I think we have the best employees in the country.  They're the nuts and bolts of this government,” says LCG Councilman Brandon Shelvin. 

Consolidated Chief Administrative Officer Dee Stanley agrees.  It's approaching 3 years since employees had a pay raise. “We literally removed 83 positions from the budget last year and have made some very difficult decisions.  So, it's a priority.  No decision has been made yet,” says Stanley.      

Stanley believes the Mayor President Joey Durel would like to see it happen. How much of an increase?  Well that depends on what the budget could handle. Stanley says again its too early to tell. “We identified the costs of what a two percent and north of two percent would be; 2, 3, 4 to see if we could do some catch up.  Can't even begin to think if it would be a one, two or three.”    

The council seems to be in-line with the concept. Councilman Kenneth Boudreaux says the cost of living has gone-up, but not what LCG employees get paid. “We've taken positions away that's not filled.  We have asked the departments to do more work.  I think now it's a good time for the people who have done that work and sustained this government to reap benefit.”

A benefit Consolidated Councilman Brandon Shelvin says employees deserve. Shelvin says he's a firm believer in paying people what they're worth. “I will do whatever I can in my capacity as the councilman for District 3 to ensure that our employees can receive a pay raise.”


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