Residents near shooting range concerned

A Lafayette family is claiming the Lafayette Parish Sheriff's Office is to blame for a bullet that nearly hit their contractor. 

The Suire family who lives off of Lajaunie road wasn't home when the bullet went flying through their shed wall, but two men were working inside. The bullet just missed one of them before lodging into the wall. The homeowner claims the bullet came from the Lafayette Parish Sheriff's Office shooting range, which is less than a mile away from their home. Suire says she wants the facility shut down indefinitely and that she will fight to keep her children safe especially in their own back yard.

Captain Kip Judice with the Sheriff's Office says the facility has been closed down since the incident. However, the department is not accepting or denying responsibility until all information is gathered. Captain Judice says three police cadets were shooting the same type of gun at the time of the incident.  Investigators will now compare their bullets to the bullet recovered.

The sheriff's department is still waiting on the results of a ballistics test to determine whether or not the recovered bullet was shot from the range

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