Utility bills may increase in Carencro

In the coming months residents in Carencro might see an increase in their utility bill.

A growing population can be a good thing and a bad thing. The city of Carencro is experiencing that right now. With a decades old sewage system that is constant need of repair and expansion, Mayor Glenn Brasseaux doesn't have many options.

“When the auditors say we're losing money, we don't have a choice,” explains Brasseaux.

Brasseaux says a recent audit shows the city is not making any money off of utility rates they are collecting. In fact they lost $160,000 last year. He says they made an adjustment a few years ago, but it wasn't enough.

“Our sales tax has been growing at a nice pace, but it's not keeping up with expenses,” says Brasseaux.

Brasseaux says over the past six months they've had a rash of failures with sewer pipes that were installed back in the 70's.

“Supposedly it was the newest technology that was put, and for some reason those lines are starting to collapse,” says Brasseaux.

According to Brasseaux, the city has paid up to $350,000 to fix the problem. Put that on top of 10 pump stations that flooded last year. The mayor anticipates spending close to a couple million dollars over the next few years.

“Major break downs in a few months following it. All we did was kind of patch them, and we're still limping along on some of those,” says Brassaeux.

As the population continues to grow in Carencro, it will put more strain on the sewage system. Brasseaux is crunching the numbers now to be able to present the rate increase by the council's July meeting.

“We feel like we will have some concrete numbers for the council to make some decisions,” explains Brasseaux.

If approved Carencro residents can expect to see the increase in their utility bills by October or November.

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