Couple uses social media in their adoption search

Every year, thousands of adoptions happen around the country, both public and private.

It's a long, often expensive road for parents-to-be. One Carencro family is hoping social media will guide their way to adoption.

Earlier this year, Tiffany and Rickey Deranger were welcoming their first child together—a baby boy, born in an open adoption. They witnessed the birth and were settling in as new parents.  But just five days later, they were told the birth mother changed her mind.

“It was tough, it really was,” said Tiffany Deranger. “For a few days we allowed ourselves to wallow in our own pity.”

While it's completely legal, it's not the first time an adoption didn't have a happy ending. It was heartbreaking for this family who was ready to open their doors to a new child. So, the adoption process they thought was over was beginning again. However this time, they signed up with Independent Adoption Center, an adoption agency that will do their part in finding a match.

But the search for a match extends beyond the adoption agency. Using social media, that perfect fit could be just a few clicks away.

And that's now the Deranger's focus. They're hoping to find a potential birth mother through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or their website .  It's an effort their adoption agency encourages. 

“The average age for birth moms we work with is 18 to 24,” said Amber Burfeind, IAC's Branch Director. “That's what 18 to 24-year-olds use, they're on Twitter or Facebook or Instagram.”

It's not exactly how Tiffany envisioned finding the perfect fit, but after seeing the support they've received so far, she's becoming more aware of the power of social media. 

“There are so many children out there and so many birth moms who are not sure which way to go and I really think there's somebody out there for us,” said Deranger.

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