Scott budgets 3% pay increase for city employees

The City of Scott has a utility rate increase on the books. The mayor and council Tuesday adopted the city's budget for next fiscal year.  The mayor tells us that there's a pay raise in there as well.

Certified Public Accountant Burton Kolder conducted the budget review. Kolder confirmed that the budget includes a three percent increase for city employees. An increase that goes into effect July 1. “It's costing the city about $65,536 to be able to do this,” explains Kolder.

Scott's capital outlay budget for next fiscal year is $14.9 million dollars. The mayor explains that the biggest ticket item is the Apollo Road extension project.

Mayor Purvis Morrison says it's a sign of growth. “When we fall down to a budget with a capital outlay of one to $2 million we're just doing a few projects in the city, but when we spend money of this magnitude it means we're growing the city and doing some things for the city.”

Even in the mist of growth there's a fall back. The new budget includes a .20 cent rate increase for water and sewer. “We're still going to be running a deficiency, but it won't be as it was.  We had a $160,000 deficit last year in those accounts. We're putting them very small so the homeowners shouldn't feel it,” says Mayor Morrison.

The budget for Scott Police includes a $50,000 new expense. The chief says the sheriff's department may start charging for dispatch and the booking of prisoners.

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