Kenny Mire’s fate remains in limbo

The ultimate fate of an employee of the Lafayette Parish School Board remains in limbo more than four years after he was arrested for drunk driving.

Kenny Mire was arrested and jailed in 2009 following a traffic stop by the state police for drunk driving. Mire bonded out that same morning just in time to get behind the wheel of his bus and drive a load of children to school. Mire was removed as a bus driver but was allowed to remain on as a monitor, someone who helps to maintain order on a bus.

Mire's attorney, Barry Sallanger, spent the next four years looking for a legal loophole to get his client off the hook. But District Attorney Mike Harson says it didn't work. Last month Mire finally pleaded no contest to the DWI charge.

Mire is now waiting to find out if the conviction will cost him is job with the school board, but no date for that proceeding has yet been set.


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