Stray bullet still in question

Joshua Bodoin was working in a shed on the Suire's family Lafayette property less than a mile from the Sheriff's shooting range, when a bullet nearly missed him and his father.

A report from the Sheriff's office was presented Wednesday refuting a connection between shooting on the range and the one found at the Suire's.

According to the report from the independent trajectory specialist hired by the Lafayette Parish Sheriff's Office, if the bullet was to travel 5,000 feet from the range it would have hit the wall of the structure and then hit the floor, which the reports say never did.

The bullet found at the Suire's was the same caliber ammunition used on the range that same day, but not the same brand; meaning there's no way possible it originated from the range.

“According to our Training Director Capt. Randy Motta the ballistic report states the round that was found was a federal ammunition and we don't shoot the type of ammunition at our range,” says Michael Andrus from the Lafayette Parish Sheriff's Office.

But the Suire's still aren't satisfied with the results of the investigation.

“We're gonna see what we find and then we're going to make some decisions and it's not just me and my husband's decision it's us as a whole it's not just my home that's been damaged. It's other peoples,” says Kristy Suire.

Other people, like Suire's, neighbor who has mysterious bullet holes in his property, too.

“I think the Sheriff is going to do the right thing if he feels it's not one hundred percent safe he's going to keep it closed,” says the Suire's neighbor.

Sheriff's Office Spokesman Kip Judice says the range will remain closed until the investigation is complete, which includes Suire's neighbor's house.

Judice says the Suire's complaint never made it past staff at the shooting range, until now.

“I do think that the range master that investigated this made a determination or had enough evidence to show that it was coming from a completely different direction than our range and potentially that's why it wasn't reported to the administration because it didn't appear to be a problem for us,” says Judice.

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