Youngsville adopts budget with pay increases

The Youngsville City Council adopted its new fiscal year budget – which begins July 1. The mayor is told the city is financially sound that a pay increase is an option.  The approved pay increase is 5 percent for all Youngsville City employees; but city police will see a pay increase of about 5 1/2 %.

For the mayor that's money well spent. “We have good employees and they're doing a good job for us and the work load with the growth has been tremendous on our employees and we're really not increasing our staff and personnel.”

The council plans to talk next month about increasing water and sewer rates.  Mayor Viator says the proposed adjustment is minor – but it's a must. “You're looking at an average bill of about $47.50 would go up to about $49.”

The council also passed a resolution placing on the October ballot – a 4% Hotel Occupancy Tax.  The council says the tax is to help maintain the community center and sports complex that's being built.  “It's a lower tax than a lot of the areas like New Orleans and those areas. I think its a fair tax and it will help promote our rec center,” says councilwoman Dianne McClelland.

“People who live here will be in their homes.  its for travelers that come in to participate in our activities who will have to pay this tax.  and they have them everywhere,” adds Mayor Pro-Tem & Councilwoman Brenda Burley.

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