LCG council approves Blue Cross/Blue Shield of La.

Upwards of 3,000 Lafayette Consolidated Government employees will soon see a change in their health insurance. LCG's health insurance administration will fall under new management.

The City Parish Council approved the contract Tuesday. “I think the council asked all the right questions.  They obviously were satisfied with what they found out.  It was a unanimous vote,” says LCG President Joey Durel.  

Durel explains that employees will have access to a nationwide provider network and a wellness program. “It's what's best for LCG employees for the dollar and the most efficient way to spend that money,” says Durel.

“The claims will be paid through Blue Cross and Blue Shield,” adds LCG's Risk & Insurance Manager Tommy Teague. Teague tells us that November 1st is when the change goes into effect.  “Our members will get a Blue Cross Blue Shield identification card, but the benefit structure will remain the same.”

“I was surprised to find that we didn't have Well Baby Care.  So people bringing in their children for shots and things like that will be covered that evidently wasn't covered before,” adds Durel.

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