In Your Shoes: Part 1

Have you ever thought about switching places with someone? For a week? A day? Or even an hour? Well,I went out in search of a new career for just a short time at least.

My journey took me to a quaint little restaurant in the city of Scott called, The Coffee Depot, and inside waiting for me was a new job as a waitress. Waitress Lori Duhon started showing me the ropes and I immediately set to work taking orders. On the move was an understatement. I could barely keep up with The Coffee Depot alumni of two years but this is what she does and what she has always done.

“My mom had a restaurant for 13 years. She was a waitress. I mean it's something I love doing because I'm a people person.” said Duhon.

The single mom of three had a personality larger than life and it was easy to see, as every customer knew her name and was waiting with open arms not only for their boxcar breakfast, but for a hug and a few kind words.

People visited The Coffee Depot not only for the atmosphere and the food, but for a waitress who makes it seems a little like home; which was good for me, seeing as though I was only 20 minutes into my new job.

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