In Your Shoes: Part 2

How would it feel to work in someone else's shoes? Well I traded in my day job to work as a waitress at Coffee Depot in Scott. I learned some new skills and learned a little more about their star waitress.

One hour, that's the time I had to see what it would be like to work in someone else's shoes. Taking orders, bussing tables and washing dishes; I even got a little reward. My first tip!. Which I promptly handed over to my Coffee Depot mentor, Lori Duhon.

Lori was the life of the place. Customers knew her by name and she knew them. She brought them hot food and a warm hug and I quickly realized, this wasn't just a job for her. While I only traded my microphone in for an apron for an hour this is Lori's way of life.

“I cant be idol. I have to be doing something and this is one place where you always have to be doing something,” said Duhon. “It's a struggle, but day by day that's how I do it by the grace of god. That's how I do it. Looking for a second job. My only days off are Monday and Tuesday and I clean houses on Monday.”said Duhon.

The mother of three, says life can be a struggle but she never lets the smile leave her face and always keeps her boys on her mind.

“Work and go home and take care of my boys. That's what I do. It's all for my boys,”said Duhon.

I had a great time being a waitress at Coffee Depot. But it was time to turn my pad and straws and head back to being a reporter; although I had a feeling they would leave the door open for me.

“If you want a part time job, you're hired. The boss already okay 'd it!.”said Duhon.

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