CODOFIL sparks legislation

The state run program CODOFIL, The Council for the Development of French in Louisiana, an organization that strives to preserve Louisiana's rich Cajun-French culture, will see no cuts to their budget this year, unlike last year when nearly 40 percent of it was chopped.

When that happened people statewide embraced them and through fundraisers and donations CODOFIL was able to bounce back. Even sparking new interest in French immersion and the importance it has to our area. It attracted so much attention that it sparked new pieces of legislation.

According to Joseph Dunn, Executive Director at CODOFIL, one piece of legislation called the Immersion School Choice Act, sponsored by Senator Eric LaFleur, is for parents with school aged children, especially in kindergarten, where if they get 25 parents to write to the school board asking for immersion, then the school board by law will be required to offer immersion.

Dunn goes on to say the money from the “I'm a Creole; I'm a Cajun” license will specially go to train teachers from Louisiana to teach immersion in our schools. Even though CODOFIL will not see any cuts this year they are working with the same budget from last year, which is $100,000 lighter than previous years and are asking for your support as they move forward, whether it be monetary or volunteering.

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