Doctors warn of fireworks related injuries

Fireworks are the pop that captivates millions of people every year. But it's also responsible for countless injuries as well. Dr. Rebecca Doise works in the Pediatric Emergency Room at Women and Children's Hospital and says burns are common Fourth of July and New Year's.

“(They're) most commonly to the face, head, as well as the eyes and then the hands and sometimes to the legs,” said Doise.

From snap pops to bottle rockets, some fireworks are safer than others. But it's the popular sparklers that Dr. Doise say can be more dangerous than people think.

“The temperature they can get to when they burn can actually melt gold. The sparks that come from them can cause significant eye damage as well as blindness,” said Doise.

Besides protecting your body, Alton Trahan with the Lafayette Fire Department says in this dry weather, it's important to be mindful of the surrounding areas. It's illegal to shoot fireworks within city limits, but out in the rural areas, it doesn't take much for sparks to ignite.

“That's where you have a lot of overgrowth,” said Trahan. “A lot of fields can catch fire, a lot of hay. We have a lot of that this time of year.”

It's clear the dangers of fireworks do not stop the masses from stocking up every year. But if a burn does occur, acting fast is the key.

“First thing to do with a burn is to run it under cold water and not to apply an ointment. And get to an emergency room so it can be further treated,” said Doise.

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