Veteran talks about what July 4th means for him

There are thousands of people across America. People who have fought to uphold the Declaration of Independence. Our founding fathers gave us liberty. It's been our military men and women who have protected it.

“As an American citizen as a retiree from the army it means a tremendous amount to me and all veterans,” explains retired Command Sergeant Major Randy Vidrine.  Vidrine gave 30 years of his life serving America. He was 17 when he made the sacrifice as paratrooper and combat infantryman who has been willing to fight and protect. “They put their lives, their fortunes on the line.  They went forward so to die.  Some to lose everything,” adds Vidrine.

For July 4th Vidrine plans to spend time with his family. A family eager to look back on the meaning of this holiday. Telling stories of soldiers who fought pays tribute to what the celebration is about. “All those things are great. There is nothing wrong with them. I like to do it myself, but what we need to do is also tie in and reflect upon what it truly means and what it's all about.”

So enjoy July 4th. It's a right given to all American's and protected by men and women who have served and continue to serve our country.” It's important as parents and grandparents and as friends and neighbors that we pass that history onto our young people. Make them aware.”

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