Lawn and Garden: Spiders

GARY: Well, they're creepy, they're crawly and you just hate to see them around your house or around you. We're talking about spiders, but John says you don't have to live with them, there is way to take care those little critters.

JOHN: That's right, just maintenance and continually spraying, at least once a month and you won't have a problem. I even have a professional product right here it's called Suspend. Very concentrated, works great. Takes care of a larger area. 

People on a larger property, a larger home, would use this. If not we have this product right here, Viper, which will cover a big area too, but it could be used in or outdoors – but it will have an odor to it because it has an oil. We also had this product right here's called Demon, it's a wettable powder so it's a water-based product so there's no staining or anything like that or any odor. Same product as the Viper, no odor, does a great job. Spiders, roaches, ants has a termite label also.

For inside the house's this product right here could be used outside too it's a little safer product for spraying your lawn if you want to for mosquitos roaches and spiders anything like that but also in your home. It's another water-based product that you can use. It won't last as long as the Viper or the Demon but it is a very good product.

They're harder to kill and that's why you have to use some of these harsher chemicals. You can't kill a spider very easy, you can't penetrate their skin that's what's hard. So these products work on the nervous system also.

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