State inspections requirement for trailers

It's surprising, but some motorists don't seem to know that the trailer they're using for towing may be in violation of motor vehicle laws. Officials say many people don't get the $10 annual inspection.

Harold Western of Lafayette owns a landscaping business. Western uses utility trailers to tow his lawn equipment. Western is like many trailer owners. He's heard about the inspection and that's about it. “I've heard people mention it, but unfortunately no I haven't had time to go and get everything inspected. I don't know what the requirements are, cost or fee; not really happy about it.  You do what you have to do,” says Western.

David Simon of Fournet's Winnwood Chevron of Lafayette does the inspections; checking utility, boat and pole trailers on a regular basis. “You got to have side marker lights, lights in the back, you have to have lighting for your license plate,” says Simon.

Another inspection requirement is to check for insurance. Actually, that's first on Simon's inspection check list. “Your insurance for your vehicle normally covers what's towing behind you,” says Simon.

“The fines for any violation of a motor safety code is determined by the courts in the jurisdiction of where the offense occurred. If you're in Lafayette Parish you might receive a different fine than what you would receive in Avoyelles parish,” explains the commissioner for the Louisiana Office of Motor Vehicles.

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