Teacher survey, superintendent evaluation top agenda

The Lafayette Parish School Board is set to hear the results of a teacher discipline survey at their board meeting Wednesday night. The survey that was put together by a school board member raised some eyebrows. But after it was all said and done – the board gave their approval and the survey went out.

Board member Greg Awbrey says the survey is the result of teachers voicing their concerns. What do we do with students who misbehave repeatedly? Awbrey hopes what the survey reveals will open the door to what can be done.

A survey he says that will help the administration better understand what teachers deal with in terms of discipline in the classroom. Awbrey explains the survey allows them to speak up without fear.

“So, I wanted to have an outside email and path for the survey to be collected completely outside channels. It's to be anonymous but by schools.” said Awbrey.

The survey that's to be discussed Wednesday night was put together by Awbrey. That was a concern for some board members and the superintendent. The concern was that the survey could have some bias to it. The board still approved it.

“I don't think that a board member conducting a survey is just and fair. I see the point of Mr. Awbrey. I know where he's going with it. But we have to put some trust in the staff and administration to do the right thing.” said Mark Cockerham.

Also at the meeting the director of Health and Wellness is to release a new discipline policy for the upcoming school year. A committee of educators, parents, students and the community drafted the plan. The request is that the board approve the new policy.

“What we anticipate is a quicker actions to the students behavior and again the consequences could be good or bad. A student could have positive consequences of their behavior.” said the director of Health and Wellness.

Also on the agenda is the superintendent's evaluation. No word on whether or not it will be discussed openly before the full school board.

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