Board members discipline survey gets low response

The Lafayette Parish School Board heard some good news from the superintendent Wednesday. Lafayette Parish is number one in terms of the increase in the number of students who scored 18 or above on their ACT scores. Dr. Pat Cooper explained that the score is college criteria.

Also, the board heard the results of a board member's discipline survey. It was given to teachers to gauge what happens in the classroom. The response was pretty low at 18%. School board member Greg Awbrey drafted the survey. The presenter explained that out of the 1,980 surveys that were sent, only 360 were returned.

Marcelle Baudoin of the Lafayette Parish Retired Teachers association helped tabulate the results. “Some people were scared even personal friends and acquaintances of mine were scared because of the tracking number,” Baudoin explains.

Baudoin was adamant that of the teachers who responded most felt discipline to be a problem. She read complaints of classes being disrupted, valuable class time being wasted on discipline, and teachers saying they're afraid to talk to administration. “This is when destructive behavior comes into their world and they have to deal with it.”

One board member became upset by what was read. Kermit Bouillion said that the survey only represents a small group not everyone. Residents attending the meeting applauded. “I really am angry to have to hear stuff like this from a minority.”

Dr. Tehmi Chassion apologized for the boards behavior. He reminded the board that discipline is an issue regardless of how many people complain. Dr. Cooper reminded the board that steps are being taken to address all concerns big or small.

“I'm not going to continue on to a long spill, just know that a lot of what was said tonight a lot of it, a lot of it, a lot of it is absolutely true,” says board member Dr. Tehmi Chassion.

“I said it from the start I don't think that this is designed scientifically. I don't think the presentation is designed as scientifically as it should be; but I do think everybody's heart is in the right place. The bottom line is that whatever discipline issues we have out there we need to help the teachers and the principals,” adds Superintendent Dr. Pat Cooper.

According to the board, Dr. Cooper's evaluation showed a final total average score of 4.067 out of 8.0.

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