Crowley church vandal leaves handwritten note

A vandal made quite a mess and damaged a church in Crowley. The pastor of God's Love Bank/Church of Christ off East Northern Road is picking up the pieces. But it was a cryptic note left behind that is most puzzling.

When Reverend Larry Guidry arrived at work Wednesday morning, he noticed the church wasn't exactly the way he left it. The door showed no sign of entry, but when he went to open it, it was clear something was pushed against it.

“I stuck my head in the door and saw the window was burst,” said Guidry. “So, I walked around and thought, 'well I don't want to go in because I don't know if someone is in there or not.'”

Guidry called the Crowley Police Department. When they arrived, they found both Guidry's office and the chapel was in disarray. “They threw the pulpit down, threw the papers all over the floor and even pulled the curtains down,” said Guidry.

The window was the point of entry. It was shattered and on the other side was a large bookshelf that had to be pushed over in order to get in. But the question isn't about what was stolen because nothing was. The most puzzling of all was a handwritten note left behind reading 'You taught me lies.'

“I found it on my desk,” said Guidry. “I knew that someone was leaving me a message.”

So what does the message mean? Guidry says he's not sure. But he's not taking it personally and is not even interested in pressing charges.

“I just want them to know I love them, God loves them,” said Guidry. “And if they need help, we'll help you. We all have struggles.”

Despite the headache, Guidry has a sense of humor about it all, thanking the vandal for forcing him to do a late spring cleaning.

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