Lafayette Parish Schools Turnaroud Plan 1 year report

In light of the recent changes that have sparked debates on and off the Lafayette Parish School Board floor, the superintendent is adamant to see Lafayette Parish schools achieve the “A” school district status.

Dr. Pat Cooper informed the board Wednesday that the money that was approved for cleaning-up parish schools has not gone to waste. Cooper explained that there were 10,000 backlogged work orders. That number is down. “Just this year alone we cut the back orders down by 67%. That's about two-thirds,” says Cooper.

Concerning the unofficial counts for the parish drop-out rates, Dr. Cooper told the board over the last two years Lafayette Parish averaged between 400 to 500 drop-outs per year. He added that with N.P. Moss Prep and other parish programs that number is about 200.

“We're looking at a major change in how we're dealing with kids and that's all because of our 100% In 100% Out. Those kids are not out on the streets,” adds Cooper.

Then there are the ACT scores for high school students in Lafayette Parish. Cooper says the parish is number one in the number of students who showed improved scores of 18 or above.

“I think that's a major increase. We're ahead of St. Tammany, Jefferson, E. Baton Rouge. We're number one on the list,” says the superintendent.

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