Lawn and Garden: Keeping cool

Chastant Brothers presents Lawn and Garden

Gary: On this episode of Lawn & Garden we will talk about keeping cool in the summertime if that is even possible. Well a couple of ways you can curtail that heat on your body and plants. Let's start off with your head.

JOHN: Yeah, hats do a lot of help. I can tell you that. The larger brim the better. We have a large selection of female hats and male hats and they are at a great price. Just straw hats, very light. So they don't keep you hot. But we also talking about keeping the plants cool as we can. With all the water we give to them to keep that moisture there. And that's where the Mulch comes in. You want to put your Mulch at least two to four inches if you can thick, water them well. Also your hanging baskets like we have in the tree right here. You're watering every day and it's getting old doing that. I have a product right here called soil moist. You add that to the soil in there and you watering is cut in half. This product works great it turns into like a gel. It keeps that moister in your hanging baskets. So your water isn't going straight through it. You know you see the water go straight through it. But this way, it holds it. It keeps it much longer. So when you go on vacation, your plant won't be dead when you come back.

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