A growing issue in St. Landry Parish

Weed spraying in St. Landry Parish has caused a rift between some council members and Parish President Bill Fontenot.

During Wednesday night's council meeting, President Fontenot ordered parish wide weed spraying to help reduce its rate of growth. Previous bidding attempts failed because some council members wanted to go with the lowest bidder who turned out to be unqualified. Rather than start the bidding process over, Fontenot took another legal path, directly negotiating with the next lowest qualified contractor.

According to Fontenot, most of the council, obvious by their vote, supports his decision to do it that way. Fontenot said that councilwoman Ms.Gautreau and Mr.Ardoin were passing resolutions to try and dictate that he re-bid the process but that could take months and the grass it out of control and a safety issue.

Fontenot said the time to act is now. The contract negotiated will cost just over $78,000  for the 800 miles the parish covers. Spraying is set to begin next week.

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