Abbeville High principal & band director

Ivy Landry is a Abbeville High graduate, turned coach, turned principal who's proud to represent his alma mater.

Principal Landry says over the past few years his staff and students have worked hard, evident by the schools recent upgrade from a 'D' rated school to a 'B' rated school. In moving forward Landry says one of the biggest changes students will see this year will be in technology.

Landry says currently his school does a lot online, on nooks and iPads. And this year they will see more technology in terms of technology in the classroom. Principal Landry has so much to be proud of, and that includes the Abbeville High marching band.

Band director Tim Farnsworth says he has a great group of students this year and they work very hard, something very evident given the dedication of the students and their band leaders. Farnsworth says band members get to band camp at 7:30 in the morning, start band practice at 7:45 sharp and practice in the heat until 4:30.

Farnsworth is looking forward to the upcoming school year which starts August 12th.


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