Abbeville new football coach

Chris Towery may be new to Abbeville High but the game of football runs in his blood.

Towery came from Baton Rouge where he spent a couple of years coaching at the Dunham school as an offensive coordinator. He then coached in Texas, then a little at the college level. Towery said he is fortunate and happy to be at Abbeville High where he'd like to make some positive changes.

The former quarter back for the Ragin' Cajuns knows exactly how vital his role as coach is on and off the field. According to Towery he will be hard on his players when it's time to be hard. But he also wants them to accomplish their goals stressing that he is always there for them if they need him.

Towery says he is looking forward to teaching his players the rules of the game from the gridiron to the classroom. Even though Towery doesn't know how good they will be this year, he is proud of them because the kids and coaches have worked hard and that's why he is confident there will be a good product on the field. Towery says if there are some key wins that will be great.


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