Citrus trees

GARY: On this episode of Lawn and Garden we're talking about citrus trees you need to be carefully and watch them very closely because they could get some damage from several different things and John what are we talking about today?

JOHN: Mainly right now it's insects on Citrus.  A lot less disease, it's not as much disease they're pretty tough. But insecticide wise we have three of them here. We'll talk about the drench first and this is one you have to use at least 28 days before you pick the fruit. But it works great. You drench the soil with this, you don't spray the plant, you drench it and it'll last all year.

For white flies, mealy bugs, scales, aphids just about all of them. It does a great job and you're not spraying so it's a lot safer, I prefer it.  For certain insects, when stink bugs get on your citrus you need to hit them with something hard.

This Cyonara right here real easy to use, one table spoon per gallon of water, spray your citrus plant well and they're outta, there that stuff works. If you're going a natural way we have an oil that works just naturally by smothering the insects and also works good for your black sooty mold it's a black film that gets on your leaves of the plant because of the insects you had there. They leave a residue that just grows on this mold that is all it is, and this will peel it off, get rid of it and keep the plant real healthy.

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