Insecticide for trees and shrubs

GARY: On this episode of Lawn and garden we're talking about insecticide for your trees and shrubs and John says I have a couple ideas help you out

JOHN: We're gonna talk about insecticides and fungicides. Insecticides, we're having trouble we're seeing a lot of things at the feed store from insects to diseases. And I have several products right here; this product right here's a natural product it's just a wettable sulfur, works well on the mildews, things like that and also an insecticide will work on mites.

I also have a product right here which is a drench is how you going to use it and it systemically brings it up into the tree or shrub. This product is only for ornamentals not for vegetables, they do make another product like it for that. Then the diseases I start seeing come into the store the powdery mildews, the leaf spots from roses to trees anything like that.

This product right here, Dithane, works real well its a topical  fungicide to just get rid of what's on top it's not, systemically working. And then the copper is also another topical type fungicide which is wide range from your black spots your powdery mildews to just about everything.

It does a great job but the main thing is prevention putting these products out before you have a bad problem and also before using these products make sure you water your plants very well. If not you could actually burn your plants especially hot and dry like it is right now. so make sure you water well and then spray.

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