Saints training camp under way

Saints training camp is officially under way. They held their first practice Friday morning.

The first official training camp of the New Orleans Saints 2013 season started in Metairie in front of a full house. Fans, football, fun and sun. That's how Sean Payton started his 8th training camp as the head coach of the black and gold.

“Good to have everyone out. We are back to the installation that we had in spring. We'll have a chance to go back to it a little slower here at the beginning because of how we have practices,” said Payton.

Practicing the new Rob Ryan scheme seemed to have worked. That d picked off 3 times in drills. The adjustments are coming along.

“There were some good plays. Keenan Lewis had a nice interception. It's nice to see guys moving around well without the pads on. The concern when you practice without pads on is that you get collisions and guys on the ground. I thought we handled that well” said Payton.

Practice was suppose to go to 11:50, but Sean Payton cut it back an hour to 10:50. He is trying to save his team for the long haul.

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