Summer Garden

GARY: On this episode of Lawn & Garden we're talking about the summer garden, of course you need to keep it up. It may look good and maybe it is producing but if you want it to continue to keep producing you may need to use a little fertilizer John was telling us.

JOHN: Definitely fertilize it because we're doing so much watering right now it's leaching a lot of nutrients so you need to keep fertilizing we have the 5 20/20 down here you wanna put 2 to 3 tablespoons per plant, just side dressing around the plant every month and it does a good job continually to keep them green and producing fruit.

Also what we're seen a lot at the store right now is blossom and rot. You get that on tomatoes where the blossom end of the tomato will rot, turn soft and black. Cucumbers can get it, peppers… just about anything else. What it takes is a calcium spay. We have a liquid that you mix with water and spray or a granular calcium that you put in.  

The liquid is easier you can spray the whole plant and the soil versus the granules you put just at the soil so it takes a little longer for it to work, but it'll stop it within three weeks. Make sure you continually water you garden because right now it's important before using any of these products if you use insecticide or fungicide in the garden. Because the insects are out right now, you know the leaf miners and all that. So you just have to constantly be spraying that to maintain them.

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