Taking care of ornamental plants

GARY: On this episode of Lawn & Garden we talk about taking care of those ornamental plants. A lot of folks just hang them and forget about them and water them just once in a while. John says they just need a little extra care.

JOHN: Yeah, People come in and ask whey my plants are weeping down or dying. But we have several fungicides here. A lot of diseases that you have, if it's a root rot type of disease, you wanna drench the soil. This Captan works very well.

You can put it in a sprinkler can or whatever and just drench the soil. You can get it on pansies and different things you plant. So you can spray the plants itself for different diseases, mostly ornamentals. It can be use on some fruit trees and all that. We are concentrating on ornamentals right now.

Also I have, this is a systemic that contains Banner, very good fungicide, the rose people love it. I mean, for the black spots and things like that, it works very well. Little bit of Downy mildew, powderymildew, It's very versatile. It really covers quite a bit of diseases.

The main thing, like always say, is water well before applying these products because you can burn your plants or injure them. So, water well. Especially hot and dry like it is. And then spray the products after.


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