Louisiana sales tax holiday

Attention Louisiana shoppers-the state sales tax will be lifted for Friday and Saturday only for items $2500 and below, but UL Lafayette economics professor Anthony Greco says there are conditions.

“It doesn't really apply to services it doesn't really apply to the food you purchase served on the premises or the services like hotel occupancy taxes or things of that nature,” says Greco.

Vehicles, even ones that cost $2500 or less, are also excluded-so, what's included?

“Most things-like if you're buying anything under the value of $2500-like appliances, other hard goods, clothing and many other things like this shoes and grocery items as well,” says Greco.

Greco says this sales tax holiday coincides with back to school time, but also sagging retail sales and increased statewide unemployment from last month.

“Just to give a boost to retail and encourage people to get out there and also do some spending. Things here been a little sluggish lately,” says Greco.

Now the final exam for those of you at home; what goods and services are covered under the sales tax holiday? (Answers at the bottom of the page)

Tanning? Dining out? Golf clubs? A massage?

Congratulations, if you answered those questions correctly. You can look forward to 4 percent off some of your purchases this Friday and Saturday, just make sure not to spend more than $2500 dollars, if you don't want to pay the state sales tax.

ANSWERS: No, No, Yes, No

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