Bayou Corne sinkhole evacuation hits one-year mark

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BATON ROUGE, La. (AP) – A year has elapsed since the ground opened up in Assumption Parish and an area around Bayou Corne dissolved into liquefied muck.

Saturday marks the one-year anniversary of when the sinkhole was discovered. It has since grown to 24 acres, and 350 residents in the tiny community 40 miles from Baton Rouge have no end in sight to their evacuation order because the sinkhole continues to widen.

Some homeowners have taken buyouts from Texas Brine, the company who operated the salt dome cavern whose collapse is blamed for creating the sinkhole. Others want to stay put.

Patrick Courreges, a spokesman for the Department of Natural Resources, says the sinkhole is growing away from residences, rather than seeping closer to homes. But there's no estimate on when the area might stabilize.

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