Opelousas trail ride moves to Natchez, Louisiana

The Step-N-Strut trail ride is moving to Natchez, Louisiana. The family-oriented event has been a part of Opelousas for the past 14 years. The trail ride relocation is one that on resident hates to see happen. “They're still going to make their money.  People still going to go. They're not going to stop,” says Rosette.

Organizer Paul Scott is hoping that's true. Scott explains that the offer for Natchez came earlier in the year. As negotiations proceeded the offer got better. “What really helped us make a decision is the Creole history in the area. Melrose plantation, Clementine Hunter the paintings, the Cane River. It just kept getting better and better,” says Scott.

Scott is confident that Opelousas will continue to see an economic benefit. He says local trail riders will need to prepare for the road trip and that requires spending money. “Merchants in Opelousas are still going to feel the effect: the gas, the food, the ice chests. They'll be stocking up to haul it up there.”

In recent months, there have been talks about the trail rides getting out of hand and causing disturbances. “It's all good. The only dispute we had was what weekend should be give it on,” adds Scott.

The Mayor of Natchez Louisiana welcomes the trail ride – and anyone who plans to attend. “I feel good about it because we need new people and new events and new things to happen in our village or close to our village,” says Mayor Edna Jones.

The trail ride in Natchez, Louisiana is scheduled for November 1st, 2nd and 3rd.

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