Drainage issue sparks dispute in Broussard

The City of Broussard is one of the fastest growing cities in the state and with that comes many changes, not all of them good.

One family living off of La Neuville road says a new subdivision being built right next to their house has plagued them with problems. They say a drainage ditch dug next to their yard is incomplete and the water has nowhere to drain. That has created a pool of standing water. That pool of water not only has over flowed during a heavy rain right into their yard but it has increased the amount of bugs around their house, which has them concerned. 

According to Tylor Patin whose grandmother's house is located next to the ditch, they were recently informed a confirmed case of West Nile was found down the street. This has left them concerned about the standing body of water because standing bodies of water are breeding grounds for mosquitoes that carry the potentially deadly disease.

According to Amy Jones, spokesperson for the city of Broussard that drainage issue should be fixed within ten days and mosquito spraying in and around that area has increased. 

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