Gueydan residents question change in utility bill

The price of energy has upset many Gueydan residents. A fairly new addition to their utility bill also known as fuel adjustment, has raised many questions.

Around the turn of the new year there was a change in the billing description for the people of Gueydan. It's called, fuel adjustment, and the citizens have several questions they want answers to.

“So what is fuel adjustment? Where is it going? Who you paying it to? They say your paying Slemco, but this bill says the town of Gueydan. So who is it?” said Gueydan resident Amber Maxile

Residents have paid the fuel adjustment charges since they came about in January. Due to its addition, the people want specifics of where their money is going. Slemco representatives tell us that the fuel adjustment charge is the cost for the fuel to produce the electricity and each customer is charged based on the number of kilowatt hours that they use multiplied by the fuel charge. Mayor David Dupre of Gueydan explained to us why residents have seen this in the new year.

“The fuel adjustment was tied to the electricity, to the kilowatt usage. And then one of our residents came to a meeting and asked if they could see the fuel charge. And of course, we said fine. That's no problem with us. We put the fuel charge on the bill.” said Mayor Dupre.

For residents that do have trouble coming up with funds, they are urged to call Mayor Dupre to discuss a plan.

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