Lafayette residents celebrate National Night Out

Tuesday marked the annual National Night Out, where local law enforcement across America host events with a family friendly atmosphere to connect with their community.

Events were held all over Lafayette parish, in Duson, Broussard and in the Hub City at Girard Park. However, Tuesday marked the first annual national night out, at the Martin Luther King Center in Lafayette. The Knights Templar, a social organization based out of Shreveport help organize the event which was hosted by Rosalind Hayes.

“Take back our community from violence, from drugs, from crime and it starts with us,” explains Hayes.

Hayes says it also served as a last hoorah for the kids who will be heading back to school shortly. Using it as a tool to help them learn how to carry and conduct themselves while they are away from their families.

“Don't let your environment, your surroundings determine your altitude, your success in life,” says Hayes.

National Night Out is also an event that brings together the community and local law enforcement. Especially to troubled neighborhoods.

“It gives the community an opportunity to come speak with us on a personal basis,” explains Sargent Randy Leger with LPD, “to find out about us, and gives us a chance to find out about them.”

The neighborhood is also in state representative Vincent Pierre's district. He was very excited about the event, and hopes it will continue into the future.

“We're coming together for non violence, not only in this area but throughout the community, throughout Lafayette,” says Pierre.

Even though Pierre acknowledges crime is a very big issue in his district, he says focus should be paid two schools in his district just recently deemed unacceptable by the state.

“These are schools that need attention. Not only from our families but to better understand that our children are going to be educated. We need to work with our children,” says Pierre.

School supplies donated by local organizations were also handed out at the Martin Luther King center to those who needed them the most.

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