Scott Council takes on trailer parks

No more trailer park communities for the City of Scott. The mayor says the city has enough. In fact, the council Thursday night talked about developing a new ordinance to regulate how the current ones are being maintained.

“The trailer parks we have that are maintained fairly adequately; that we keep that same level.” said Mayor Pro Temp Jan-Scott Richard.

Richard says as the city moves forward with its comprehensive plan there will need to be new codes put into place. What concerns him most is holding trailer park owners accountable for being in compliance with inspection regulations.

“I know we have an ordinance regarding trailer parks, but do we have something as far as inspections go to make sure that they're going to fall within the code that we set in the master plan.” said Richard.

The Mayor of Scott, Purvis Morrison says current trailer park owners will have to abide by the new rules; once they're approved. A few ideas for the proposed new ordinance includes better regulations for skirting and tie down requirements.

“We're going to give them a year to comply; and if they're not up to compliance then we're going to have a problem,” said Mayor Morrison.

The mayor says something needs to be in place, especially for mobile homes that turn into rental property. The mayor is also considering not allowing any new trailer parks within city limits. He says Scott has many properties. If someone is looking to move into a mobile home, then there are plenty of lots available.

“We want to move into the process of homes. More into the process of those type of developments. We're kind of shying away from the trailer park thing,” said Morrison.

The mayor says nothing is final. Discussions on both topics have been moved to the next scheduled city council meeting.

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