Youngsville Mayor supports charter schools in parish

Youngsville Mayor Wilson Viator says he stands in support of charter schools in Lafayette Parish. He sees the charters as a viable option to improve overcrowding in Youngsville.

Youngsville Councilman Ken Ritter is asking the council to adopt a resolution. The mayor explains that Youngsville is growing. Two schools in Youngsville are being renovated to alleviate overcrowded classrooms. Viator wants the school board to make a decision while the charter option is on the table.

He says when a reputable organization is asking to spend millions to educate children in your parish, jump on it. Viator says he's been in contact with the other mayors in the parish – asking them to pass a similar charter resolution.

“I told them that you all are growing, maybe not as we are; but if we are going to do something, then a charter school is the way out. I don't see any other way. If the school board can come up with a better solution, I'm fine.” said Viator.

The statement of support also includes the district's turn around program and Superintendent Dr. Pat Cooper.

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